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2017 Dirty Dozen Produce List – BUY ORGANIC!

Every year, the Environmental Protection Agency puts out a Dirty Dozen List. The dirty dozen list tells you the produce with the worst and most dangerous pesticides on them, so that you know you should buy those items organic. They also put out the Clean Fifteen List, which helps you know which produce came out the cleanest in the latest testing.

GMO's and Organic Foods, Research

Whole Foods is not a Monsanto Partner. THE RUMOR IS FALSE!

I keep hearing people referring to Whole Foods and how they are partnering with Monsanto. It's driving me crazy! Look, I'm all about conspiracy theories, but this one is ALL about clickbait ratings.

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Why I switched to Organic Valley Pastured Butter from Kerrygold

First, let's start with why I use organic grass-fed butter, which I believe is the best choice if you can have dairy. The biggest reason is vitamin K2, what Weston A. Price called the X-Factor in good health (read more on the link). Also, the CLA and beta-carotene alone is worth the use of grass-fed butter over regular butter (or any other type of oil). CLA is an anti-cancer fat which fights cancer, infections, and builds lean muscle. Also, of course, grass-fed butter is a source of healthy saturated fat. Our American diet is often way too high in Omega 6 and too low in Omega 3's. The proper balance is 2:1 (Omega 3: Omega 6) but unfortunately the American Diet is often more like 1:20. I've provided some reading at the end of this article.