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5th Birthday Skeleton Party: Healthy Snacks, Fun Games, Gluten-Free Skeleton Cookie Cake

As you all know, I love an old fashioned birthday party in the backyard where kids can play as they wish! I serve healthy food, and try to make it fun. I have provided all the links so you can do this yourself, if you wish. When my son wanted a Skeleton Birthday Party, I was excited to dive into this challenge. I only have one child, so I get excited about his birthday parties.

Junk-Free Birthday Parties

Junk-Free Superman Birthday Party- 3 Year Olds

My child is now 5, so I have a lot of Junk-Free Birthday Party posts to catch up on. When my son was 3, I had this simple little party for him. I made the backdrop of Metropolis out of large poster size cardstock (is that the right word? I am so not a Pinterest expert here) and just used glue and scissors.. not perfect but so beloved, it is still on his wall in his room (see pic below). This was a very simple afternoon party, super easy and small, low-cost.

Junk-Free Birthday Parties

Pirate Birthday Party- 4 year olds

Here is another junk-free installment of one of our birthday parties. Pirates! No crap served: nothing artificial, no hydrogenated oils, no corn syrup. I'm only posting to show you it can be done and everyone ate well and was happy with the spread! Because of this, no kids melted down. WIN. It was also gluten-free, for my GF kiddo. And, the games were really fun, too. My little boy had a wonderful time. This was on the simple side. My son asked for "white cupcakes" so I just used a gluten-free mix at whole foods and the icing too (I'm not great with making my own icing).