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5th Birthday Skeleton Party: Healthy Snacks, Fun Games, Gluten-Free Skeleton Cookie Cake

As you all know, I love an old fashioned birthday party in the backyard where kids can play as they wish! I serve healthy food, and try to make it fun. I have provided all the links so you can do this yourself, if you wish. When my son wanted a Skeleton Birthday Party, I was excited to dive into this challenge. I only have one child, so I get excited about his birthday parties.

Birthday Cakes, Gluten Free Dessert, Recipes

Gluten Free Oreo Birthday Cake

This is the cake my son requested for his fifth birthday family birthday party. He'd seen an Oreo cake at Whole Foods, and he wanted one too. Now, his theme this year was Bones/Skeletons for his birthday party; and he wanted this cake to also reflect that. (We did a family birthday night and a kid birthday party too.). Anyway, we usually don't eat this kind of thing, so I was at a loss. After hours of scouring Pinterest, this is what I came up with. He loved it. Now, I know this is pretty much one of the first blog posts, and it's not the healthiest of recipes, but honestly, it was his birthday and people keep asking me the recipe! So remember, this is a mish-mash blog. Haha, I will be posting the themed birthday parties we do, too. Because they are fun, and they weren't too much work. Here is the cake, it was apparently amazing, everyone had seconds.

Birthday Cakes, Gluten Free Dessert, Recipes

Coconut Flour Birthday Cake with Coconut Sugar

When, my son turned two, I made this chocolate cake of mine for his Construction party. For this third birthday party, I made it again. That time, I went ahead and bought the icing from Whole Foods, who colored it to my liking with all natural food coloring and GMO free ingredients, and I thought that was good enough. It was still on the LESS-sweet side but the icing made up for it. You can add 1/4 cup sugar to this recipe to make it sweeter. As you can see for his third Superman party, I made this in a 9" x 13" pan, which this recipe easily converts to.