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Homemade Vanilla Extract, GMO-Free

Now is the time to make your own homemade vanilla extract for Christmas presents or for holiday baking! Does it seem too early? SIX months is the perfect time to let it sit, to make a delicious vanilla. Why don't I use vodka? Well, personally, I hate vodka and not just because it makes me not-nice. It is likely made with GMO wheat or potatoes or corn. Also, it just doesn't taste as yummy as rum or bourbon in a dessert. I do avoid GMO foods whenever possible. There is such a thing as GMO-vodka such as Deep Eddy Vodka for $19 a bottle. However, I am SO IN LOVE with the taste of my homemade bourbon vanilla extract made with bourbon or my homemade rum vanilla extract made with rum! I have baked with it many times, and it always comes out great but my favorite use is in whipped cream or in some coffee.

Baking Tips, Gluten Free Dessert

Tips for Folding in Egg Whites in Gluten Free Cooking

When baking with coconut flour, and many gluten free desserts, it's best to separate the eggs and whip the egg whites. This will give you a fluffier product when you fold the egg whites back in the recipe at the end. Now, you may have a really sticky, thick batter on your hands when you are ready to do your folding. So, the trick to adding the egg whites is to first add only 1/4th of them and stir in almost completely. This makes the batter a little lighter. At this point, you can now fold on the egg whites.. be careful, you are folding - not stirring- them in. Bring the rubber spatula (best to use one) completely under the batter and on top, then fold the left to the right. You want to keep the air in the egg whites in your recipe. It's okay if you can see egg whites not completely mixed in, it is supposed to look that way.