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Can Himalayan Salt Be a Miracle Cure for Acid Reflux?

I finally found a study about how mineral salt (82 minerals, to be exact!) encouraged the natural production of stomach acids and very quickly brought it all back into balance. If you Google Himalayan or mineral salt and heartburn, all kinds of articles will come up on it....

Acid Reflux, Healing

How I Cured Myself from GERD: Acid Reflux “Disease”

I was diagnosed with acid reflux (also called GERD for Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease) in 1999. My doctors put me on medication, and then stronger medication, then the strongest medication, then increased my dosage to twice a day. Still, it got progressively worse over the course of four years. Finally my doctor told me the only option was surgery, or I would ruin my voice, and ultimately, my career as an opera singer. Also, I was afraid of Esophageal Cancer, which can happen with the constant acid wash in the esophagus. My reflux was so bad; I could get it from just drinking water! Believe me, my case was not mild. So, I talked to a few singers who had had the surgery, and did some research. Turns out, the surgery is quite severe. Essentially, the doctor twists the upper stomach around the esophagus and stitches it into place. This keeps your stomach sphincter from opening and washing acid into your esophagus. The effect is like having your stomach stapled. Side effects include diarrhea for a year or more, and surgery failure occurs in 85% of patients within 15 years. You should know that when your stomach is made smaller by surgical means, your body could easily suffer from malnutrition. You have to be very, very careful about what you eat. So, I set out to read everything I could and to find out how I could cure myself naturally. And, the results were really surprising! I found the cause, and I cured myself, and since then (beginning of 2002) I have had no problems. I’ll tell you what I found through reading and my own experience. First, I found a way to keep the symptoms of acid reflux away for 6 months at a time. Then, I found the cause - the root cause - of my reflux.