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Review of Sniff ‘n’ Stop Pest Control Pellets, Natural Pest Control

Sniff ‘n’ Stop Pest Control Pellets, Natural Pest Control

PROS: Totally safe, great ingredients, easy to apply, cost effective.

CONS: Smells pretty strongly for the first 2 days. I really don’t like the smell of these essential oils, but some people do. Definitely not my husband, ha.

I edited the pest pics so you can enjoy this image

I live in Louisiana, home of the bugs. SERIOUS bugs. Especially the ones that start with R. Big ones, small ones, flying ones, tiny ones, oak ones, ones that look like beetles.  Millions of kinds. *Puke*. I hate them so much I cannot even type the name. We also have tons of ants, spiders, fleas, you name it. In my home, we have a problem with the r’s and spiders. When we go out of town especially, they come in. I have ben using this natural pest control for a while, and it works like CRAZY. It mixes diatomaceous earth with strong smelling essential oils to drive away pests and also kill them if they walk through it. Diatomaceous earth is a powder that will destroy any bug with an exoskeleton, but is totally harmless to us and our pets. Some people even eat it (not me, I’m not recommending that…).

I live in an elevated house, which is really old, and there are gaps where anything outside can come on into the kitchen.  I put these Sniff ‘n’ Stop Pest Control Pellets all along the back of my cabinets (where they come in), and around the doors and under the beds (for spiders). The last time I used it, it lasted for 3 months before I saw another bug. Now, you will need more than one container for your house. You may need SEVERAL if you are going to put it outside to control ants as well. But that is still cheaper than natural pest control companies. That is something that is no longer available in my city, sadly. But when we had it, I paid $75 every other month for them to come. This worked better than what they used.. which frankly probably wasn’t as safe as Sniff ‘n’ Stop.

We had the worst problems when we went out of town. This time, I heavily applied it everywhere they come in, and left it. We came back to a bug-free home! For the first time ever! I am so happy I found this. It was a strong smell, but since we were leaving, I did not mind. When we got back, I swept it all up and deposited it along the underside of the house outside to work there.

Note: I am not sure how it works on rodents of the furry variety.

Ingredients: Cinnamon Oil, Cedar Oil, Citric Acid, Lemongrass Oil, Mint Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, diatomaceous Earth, Water

As you can see, this is a pretty innocuous list. Of course, if you have children under 2, you will want to educate yourself about oils and under-2’s, especially peppermint and lemongrass (follow link and read please). But, I think it’s safe to put outside, in the back of your cabinets, in the garage or shed, etc. Or you can use it when you go out of town and sweep it up when you get back, if you need to. It’s up to you, and your comfort level.

Do you use any type of natural pest control, and what do you use? I’d love to hear about it. Thanks for reading!

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