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Keto Lemonade

I love this stevia sweetened lemonade, for kids. Even if you aren't a huge fan of stevia, you should know it blends very well with lemons and with dairy. So try it! Even my husband likes this recipe, though he's not a fan of stevia. I like NuNaturals, because it has very little bitter or licorice taste.

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Can Himalayan Salt Be a Miracle Cure for Acid Reflux?

I finally found a study about how mineral salt (82 minerals, to be exact!) encouraged the natural production of stomach acids and very quickly brought it all back into balance. If you Google Himalayan or mineral salt and heartburn, all kinds of articles will come up on it....

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2017 Dirty Dozen Produce List – BUY ORGANIC!

Every year, the Environmental Protection Agency puts out a Dirty Dozen List. The dirty dozen list tells you the produce with the worst and most dangerous pesticides on them, so that you know you should buy those items organic. They also put out the Clean Fifteen List, which helps you know which produce came out the cleanest in the latest testing.