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Keto Chorizo Custards in the Instant Pot

I love my Instant Pot! I love this recipe so much, it's worth having an IP just for boiling eggs and making this!!! I have made these little custards a few times now. Last time, I used mushrooms. This time I am using chorizo! We cooked up some chorizo for breakfast the other day, and set aside some for custards. I was very excited to find chorizo at my pastured farmer's shop in town. This recipe serves six, as an appetizer or side dish. It is very rich!

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How I Cured My Gallbladder Stones Naturally

You NEED your gallbladder. Your body NEEDS healthy natural fat, especially your brain, which is 65% fat. If you stop eating fat, your gallbladder will stop working period. I did this technique over a year ago, and I still eat a high fat diet and am perfectly fine, without pain or supplements for my gallbladder.