Are you “Crunchy”? or “Woo-Woo”? What does this mean?



I consider myself “crunchy” and “woo-woo”. But, what does this even mean? What does it mean to me, what does it mean to you?

I guess I have high standards for myself, I want to continue to improve myself every day. I strive to be as natural as I can. I strive to understand the Universe, and senses that can’t be explained on paper.

People often ask me what I do to be crunchy, so here are a few things, plus a few explanations about my spirituality or.. my “Woo-Woo”. In this blog, I use Woo-Woo for both natural living and spirituality.



I believe in the natural way. I want to be as natural as possible, and it is a life long process! I try to change one thing at a time, and after many, many years of doing this, I feel like I am finally making some progress. However, there are many more things I look forward to changing. I try not to let it stress me out. I say this mantra:

I am doing the best I can, today, with what I know and what I learn.

Another goodie about past mistakes- this changed my life, using this:

I did the best I could with what I knew at the time. “Know better, do better!”

One step at a time! <3

Toxins! This life is so full of toxins.. bromide, fluoride, plastics, pesticides in our food, clothes, water, textiles (furniture and new car interior), and the list goes on and on. I want to live a life that has less toxins! We buy organic, GMO-free, pastured animal products.. wherever we can go more natural in food, we give it a go.

It’s not totally possible to be toxin free, after all we live in a home, drive a car.. live in society. So, we do the best we can to lower our toxic load. We use cleaning products that are either homemade or get a zero or 1 rating on EWG. We use a lot of Dr. Bronner’s castille soap.

We always buy cars used, hoping time diffuses most of that toxic bromide “new car smell”, and only organic mattresses, and sofas are either used or organic. No flame retardant pajamas for my boy.

If you use window blinds, you can replace vinyl ones with fabric, or even honeycomb cellular shades: polyester is still better than vinyl, when it comes to off-gassing. We use eco-friendly VCO-free paint on the walls… We want to reduce or eliminate off-gassing if we must live inside in this society. And future plans include solar panels and other eco-friendly solutions to living in a house. I have big dreams of an eco-house.

EMFs! Electromagnetic Fields- we use crystal harmonizers in our home and on our phones to neutralize EMF’s such as and Q-Link Products – these are the ones I most recommend. They make a huge difference. We wire our electronics and turn off our wi-fi unless we need to download something. (We do not unplug modem, we turn it off online). Try turning off wi-fi while you sleep- amazing difference! I conducted an informal poll among friends willing to try it, and they were all amazed at how well their children slept without wi-fi on.

Clothes! We try to buy organic when we can, we are big fans of sales at Hanna Andersson and PACT Organic. We are a fan of used clothes, re-purposing. But, this is still a process! We try our best. I dream of one day that we use all organic clothes and are able to pass along anything outgrown to help someone else to lessen their toxic load.

I just found out purses / handbags contain lead. WHAT! Horrible.. now trying to find a way to be fashionable and crunchy… 🙂

Food! I want to know what our ancestors ate so long ago, before agriculture came along. Homo sapiens have been around for at least 200,000 years, with Neanderthals and Denisovas as their ancestors, possibly going back to 1.2 million years of first Homo antecessor, who shared 99% DNA with Neanderthals, and considered their ancestors  … how have we survived so long? My research shows that it the fat and protein of eating meat. Maybe talking about food is now almost as bad as talking about politics.. but this is my blog, and you are here- probably no stranger to my meaty posts and research on the digestibility of meat and the research of Weston A. Price and Gary Taubes and my disdain of carbohydrates!

We eat no grains, no High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), no hydrogenated fats, no preservatives, no artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners/anything, preservatives, and try to stay away from poly-unsaturated fats and use natural animal fats and coconut oil. I eat very very low carb, as you all may know.

Plastics and Lead! Plastic is an endocrine disrupter, a toxin, and is destroying our planet and oceans. We never drink disposable bottled water, unless it’s a health emergency. We have several glass and stainless bottles we use every day. We use a wonderful water filter, CWR brand.

We try to use wood, stainless, and glass whenever possible. We buy Libbey brand lead-free and cadmium-free stemware, glassware, and coffee cups. We replaced our everyday wedding china with Corelle and stainless plates for our child when he was a toddler. We use tons of mason jars (beware the lid also has toxins on it though). We use glass pyrex dishes for storage.

If we really need plastic freezer zipper bags, we use 365 Whole Foods brands. They do more than just make them BPA-free, they are also completely free of PVC and phthalates, which is an okay compromise. There are many bad plastics, not just BPA! We have used re-usable cloth sandwich bags, but many contain textiles that contain plastic or lead, so we try to use re-usable stainless bento boxes when we bring food with us. If we use straws, they are stainless steel or paper straws. No styrofoam.

I could go on forever here.. all the things we try to avoid… there’s also natural makeup, soaps, shampoo, lotions, even 5-free nail polish if you are having a hard time giving it up! I like ZOYA brand.



What is “Woo-Woo”? You have been probably wondering this for a while now. It’s a term that probably used to be very negative: the sound of alien spaceships- woo-woo-woo… but now, I hear it thrown around to poke a little fun at a way of spiritual enlightenment. I like the term, let’s continue to turn negative words into positives if we can. I can’t take credit for that, of course, it’s been that way for a while!

Spiritual Enlightenment. Waking up, feeling the connection to her higher self. Believing the world is more than revolving around ME and MINE, more than our planet. More than our solar system. The knowledge that everything has a purpose in this life… that every decision was the right one… that led us somewhere. Stepping away from old ideas that may have kept you trapped in dogma, and guilt. A feeling of connectedness with everyone. Aligning yourself with truth and love.

Here is a great experiment. Take something GREAT that happened in your life. Then, trace back how that good thing happened. I guarantee that you will trace it  back to something that you thought was terrible in your life. Many times wonderful things come from a sad or stressful time in your life. Here is an example.

How did I meet my wonderful husband? My friend Kadi introduced us. How did I meet Kadi? She was a neighbor in an apartment I rented. How did I end up at that particular apartment? I had a horrible financial time after college, and claimed bankruptcy, that was the only apartment that would take me. So a horrible time… led absolutely to meeting my best friend, loving partner in life.

Living in the Moment. Here is something I strive to do, and I wish to do more! What joy there is, to live in the moment. I love Eckhart Tolle, and his teachings. I highly recommend his book A New Earth, it is life-changing.

Gratitude. Gratitude is life-changing. Be grateful with what you have now, or anything you can find to be grateful for, if times are tough. And, your life will improve. Pam Grout is one of my favorite authors, she writes a wonderful book about gratitude called Thank & Grow Rich.

Meditation. Now, we have the sense that “time is speeding up”. In fact, everyone is feeling this shift. The answer to taking a break from feeling like time is galloping ahead, is to find some time to meditate. If you feel like you have never been able to quiet your mind to meditate, here are a few things you can try.

Practice helps.  Sit in a quiet place with electronics off. I like to sit on my porch, enjoying the sun. Try to clear your mind, push thoughts away. If you cannot clear your mind, sitting quiet with a few crystals or something beautiful from nature like a flower, or even a wild clover from your yard can help. You can try a simple breathing exercise, breathing in and out, focusing on your breath. You can just sit there, and enjoy the outside and not “try” to meditate. Even this quiet time will help.

You can also try going to a yoga class. Exhausting the body and spending almost an hour concentrating on balance really clears the mind for Savasana, the corpse pose at the end, and meditation might just rush in. It works for me. This was the only way I could ever clear my mind, in the beginning.

I will be posting more about meditation and enlightenment, in the future, along with my regular crunchy parenting posts and recipes. What do you do that makes you crunchy or woo-woo? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section!



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