Easy Natural Henna Hair color, Review Light Mountain Natural Hair Color

When I was researching how our bodies become so full of toxic bromide, I was appalled. It wasn’t just pesticides, brominated oils and added to sports drinks and sodas, flame retardants, new carpet and paint, yeast conditioners found in most bakery items… I thought I was free of those things, as I try to avoid all of that in my home and food (I haven’t eaten gluten for over 10 years!). No, it’s also hair color, hot tubs, cosmetics, plastics (we try to avoid, but it’s impossible), and more.

What are the symptoms? Cherry angiomas (red colored moles all over the body), hypothyroidism, endocrine disorders. The worst part is that bromide, chlorine, iodine and fluoride are all part of the same type of chemicals, called halogens. So, when your thyroid is seeking iodine to keep you healthy (which we do not get enough of in our modern diet), it will take any of these harmful chemicals instead: bromide, fluoride, or chlorine. All of these are very toxic to the body, and when the thyroid holds this instead of health- sustaining thyroid, you are now low on iodine and high on toxic chemicals. The way to detox this is a whole other blog post… I am still working on it. If you are interested, I suggest starting with The Iodine Crisis: What You Don’t Know About Iodine Can Wreck Your Life  by Lynne Farrow.

One thing I decided to stop immediately, was dying my hair. Although I used Aveda, it still contains parabens (plastics), and likely bromide as well. My friends urged me to use henna but that is so scary to me! It seemed really complicated, lots of mixing, using the stove, way too many steps for me. Finally in desperation, I purchased Light Mountain Naturals Henna kit, which is a mix of henna and indigo and that’s it. It was pretty easy, although the directions stalled me a few days. It requires 2-4 hours to leave in the hair! It comes with plastic gloves and a cap but I recommend another pair of plastic gloves for rinsing hair. The downside is that I hated the smell which lasted a good week. The upside is that I love the color, it looks great, and was not really that hard at all.  I only left it in for less than 2 hours and it still covered my grey better than Aveda at the salon. I am about 5% grey and it shows slightly though, the strands are partially covered. Next time I will leave it on for longer and post. I used the color Chestnut. Try it out and tell me what you think!

One month later, my hair still looks really good, grey is only about 30% covered. It says it lasts about 4 – 6 weeks, but friends said it lasted longer. I will try it again, leave it in for four hours, and report back!

Here is a picture of my hair exactly 2 weeks after I used the henna.

UPDATE: I had planned on using this henna product again, when I found out a local stylist used O Way hair dye, which is organic and contains none of the harsh chemicals in other hair dyes, and has no bad smell – smells great! It completely covered my grey- first time ever, even Aveda did not color my grey. I love it!
***IMPORTANT**** If you use Henna then go get your hair dyed, you MUST tell your stylist or your hair could have a VERY bad reaction. My stylist took the henna out of my hair with vodka, before she dyed it.