5th Birthday Skeleton Party: Healthy Snacks, Fun Games, Gluten-Free Skeleton Cookie Cake


Not sure why all my photos are so blurry!!

My child is gluten-intolerant.  He’s not a big fan of coconut flour anymore, and he cannot have almond flour. He develops an allergy to almonds over and over again if we use it, but not if he eats almonds. So, we have eliminated almond flour from our diets. We have his allergies removed by an AAT technician and for most of his allergies (he had quite a few), and they worked with just one visit (no pain!). The exception was gluten, which kept coming back; and almonds if he ate almond flour.  So, I decided to stop being so worried about protein content in desserts, and use Pamela’s Bakings Mixes (free plug, Pamela!) when there was a special occasion like a birthday party.  Now, I get that some parents never make a special occasion sugary treat. I totally get that. I commend you, brave strong people. I watch my sweet child, so accepting at age 3, 4, and 5, that he cannot eat gluten or anything artificial; and sometimes I just want to give him something that vaguely looks like normal for his birthday parties. Also, I invited his friends- they want something that is sweet! If you have seen my other non-junk birthday party posts, you know that this is really a small exception in our healthy eating. As for the allergy removal, go to the link! I will post a lengthy post about that soon.

For my son’s fifth birthday, he had a skeleton birthday party! He is so interested in anatomy, bones, and teeth. So my husband made the skeleton on this cookie cake.  Pretty good job!! I used Pamela’s Artisan Flour Blend for this and THIS recipe, doubled. I used THIS frosting on top. My husband decorated it (pictures below), and he put a chocolate chip in the center of all the piped icing swirls all around. I had actually bought some artificial color/flavor free M&Ms (UNREAL brand) for that, but he forgot.  So that is an option to give it some color, if you want.

As you all know, I love an old fashioned birthday party in the backyard where kids can play as they wish! I serve healthy food, and try to make it fun. I have provided all the links so you can do this yourself, if you wish. When my son wanted a Skeleton Birthday Party, I was excited to dive into this challenge. I only have one child, so I get excited about his birthday parties.

Earlier in the week, we also made this skeleton topped Gluten Free Oreo Cake. So, that’s another option.


First, here is my Pinterest board of ideas for this party.

And, I am not sure what was up with my horrible picture taking that day… thumbs, blurriness, I apologize. I was BUSY!

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Dinosaur Dig: I buried small dinosaur skeletons I bought on Amazon, in a pail full of sand from the garden store. I bought the shovels from a dollar store. Here is the Amazon link for the best deal I got on dinosaur skeletons, more than enough plus little colored dinos for the gift bags.

Face Painting and Balloons: We hired an adorable clown named Twinkle, who did amazing balloons and face painting, in lieu of a jumpy castle (my son’s request). She was so sweet and fun! If you live in BR, you can find her here! She was amazing, the kids had SO MUCH fun. I wish I could find all my pictures of the incredible balloon creations but there were all kinds of skeletons, swords, light sabers, freeze guns, flowers, etc. I will show my awesome friend Dara with some creations in her hand and on her head! Even the parents got some balloons! Ha!

X-Ray Game: Here is the post you need on how to create this fun game: http://www.triedandtrueblog.com/childrens-play-x-rays/

Dress Mr. Bones Selfie Station: Hats, coats, ties, glasses for Mr. Bones at the Selfie Station.

Pin the smile on the skeleton game: I bought this for about $3 online at Party City.


img_2231Watermelon Jail: I got this idea from a pumpkin skeleton jail, so think of it like a pumpkin carving. I made the square in front, and hollowed out the inside of the watermelon, with top cut off like a pumpkin carving. I used bamboo sticks cut to size for the jail and these awesome little skeletons from Hobby Lobby with jointed legs. I made this one rather sloppily, I was running late with all this party food prep!

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Fruit, cheese, Bone shaped cream cheese covered in pepper jelly, gluten free nut crackers
Dinosaur Bones: gluten free pretzel sticks
Cheese cubes and “Dead Man” Spicy Sausage with pirate flag toothpicks
Skeleton vegetable tray with homemade ranch dip (Leave out the milk to turn this ranch dressing recipe into a dip)
Gluten Free Skeleton Cookies made with skeleton cookie stamps and same cream cheese frosting as on cake
Apple/Nut Teeth: red apples sliced and filled with almond or peanut butter and macadamia nuts (my child is also very into teeth).
Watermelon Skeleton Jail – info above
Stevia Sweetened Lemonade 
Skeleton Birthday Cookie Cake! Or Oreo Skeleton topped Cake!
Skeleton cutlery from Amazon and skull napkins, plates from Party City

Gift Bags!

IMG_2270.JPGOK, I am not a huge fan of gift bags, most people don’t want them. I made these simple ones with a do it yourself skeleton paper doll with small brads from Hobby Lobby (to put them together). I bought this for $3,  I think. Here is one put together, also blurry (!!!)
Link to the webpage here. Brad link here. You want very small ones.

And, I added some dinosaur stamps from Amazon, stretchy skeleton guys, and dinosaurs from that pack I posted above, and of course they all went home with lots of balloon creations from Twinkle!