How I Cured My Gallbladder Stones Naturally

yogaForty, Fat, Female and Fertile – the 4 F’s of gallbladder problems. Your doctor will say you will need to remove all fats. Removing all fats encourages the gallbladder to stop working altogether and lead you straight to surgery. But, I didn’t want to have surgery. So I cured myself. I didn’t drink olive oil and lemon. I didn’t stop eating fat. I continued my low carb ketogenic diet.

How in the WORLD I could rid myself of my gallbladder stones on a HIGH FAT diet? As most of my readers know, I eat a high animal fat, very low carb (less than 10g) ketogenic diet.  When I started, I had pain from my gallbladder stones. I found out that they were caused by too many carbs / insulin surges. I got rid of them all, while eating fat, without drinking olive oil, without pain. If I eat sugar (darn you, December), they re-appear. If I keep my diet faithfully, they do not. What did I do?

First, I did NOT decrease fat. I knew that reducing my fat intake in order to stop the gallbladder pain would make the gallbladder condition worse. It is definitely a “use it or lose it” problem; and I did not want surgery.

I took HCL (Standard Process Zypan) at every meal, and also tried some ox bile supplements to help digest the fat and keep the pain away. I also took enzymes.

Then, I tried a version of this method of dissolving the gallstones that I adapted from this page: instead of eating the recommended beans (I do not eat them), I substituted psyllium husk powder pills, which someone else had reported good results with. Every time I felt pain, which was about 6-10 times a day, I would take a few capsules. I still ate fat, though she does not recommend it.

I did this until the pain stopped, and eventually I discovered that I didn’t need the ox bile anymore. I slowly reduced the HCL – it is easy to find HCL doses because too much causes burning in the stomach. So, I followed my body’s cues for reducing it and now I find no problems, the stones are gone.

You NEED your gallbladder. Your body NEEDS healthy natural fat, especially your brain, which is 65% fat. If you stop eating fat, your gallbladder will stop working period. I did this technique over a year ago, and I still eat a high fat diet and am perfectly fine, without pain or supplements for my gallbladder.

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