Natural Lice Preventative

img_2590I’d rather prevent lice, than end up with it. Really, just the thought of lice freaks me out. So, after the first scare of the dreaded email, that someone in Sunday School had lice, I started wondering what I could do to prevent it. My hair stylist suggested making a tea tree oil and water spray for his brush every morning. I bought a small 4 ounce bottle spray and filled it with water and put 20 drops of tea tree oil in it. Every morning, I shake it, spray his brush, and brush my son’s hair. So far, it has worked well! We’ve weathered many of those emails, with no problems. Also, the wet mixture on the brush helps me smooth his wild morning hair, an added bonus. Let me know if you try it!

Lice Preventative

4 ounces water
20 drops tea tree oil

Pour into a 4 ounce spray bottle and shake before using.

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