Heal Thyself


People often ask me how I got into natural remedies and Naturopaths, acupuncture, etc. Well, the reason is basically, because Western Medicine failed me, over and over. Now I’m not saying that I never turn to it.. obviously in some cases, we need antibiotics, surgery, bone settings, c-sections (sometimes), etc. They are life-savers. But when it came to my own health journey, I found more problems with traditional American medicine.

I’ll start at the beginning. In my late 20’s, I had a serious serious problem with acid reflux. I went to doctors, took expensive tests (I’m a singer. I didn’t have health insurance until I got married at 32), and they gave me reflux medicine that cost more than my rent, and then they doubled it, and it never got better. It was a serious problem because it absolutely can ruin your voice, or keep you from singing. I met someone who turned me onto natural cleanses, which kept the problem away for 12 months at a time and basically kept me well, until I realized it was a food allergy that caused it. So I basically cured myself of something that was ruining my life, my career, and my pocketbook (lab tests and doctors and medicine) with a $30 cleanse. Well, that pretty much turned me. Doctors were telling me, there is nothing else we can do. So I healed myself. (My old article about this is here, I will update it on this page soon).

In my 30’s, I had a serious problem with fatigue. Thyroid problems run in my family. My sister has Hashimoto’s, my mother takes Synthroid, my Grandmother took it too; and her mother had a massive goiter and mental imbalance from undetected thyroid issues. So, of course, I was pretty sure it was my thyroid. I was sluggish, overweight, I had extreme mental fogginess, trouble with memory (<- horrible problem for an opera singer). But, doctor after doctor, test after test said it wasn’t true. My thyroid was in “acceptable limits”. And, again I heard, there was nothing they could do to help me. Well, anyone with a computer can get to the bottom of that in seconds.. most endocrinologists don’t do the best tests for detecting thyroid… but anyway, I couldn’t find that WOULD do the right test, and I couldn’t afford to keep seeing doctors because lab tests were extremely expensive, I was still tired, and I still had no health insurance. I finally found a naturopath about ten years later in NY who diagnosed and treated me and made a huge difference in my life. He treated me with minerals, with vitamins, and with diet. Later in life, I moved away from NY, had a child, fell off the diet for a few years, and now I take Armour until I can cure it with iodine supplementation… more on that later..

After NY, I moved to Louisiana.  It took me many years to find a naturopath. Now, I drive over an hour to see him. He has helped me tremendously over the last 4 years with a myriad of problems I’ve had my whole life. My health has drastically improved. About last year though, I wondered why I wasn’t COMPLETELY better.  Why was I still seeing him with so many complaints? Why did I need to start taking actual thyroid medicine instead of the natural supplements that helped me for years? I realized that he had told me about diet the first visit, but I had not really been following it.. I mean, I ate a gluten-free Paleo diet, raw milk, grass-fed meats, no polyunsaturated oils, no chemicals, no junk, VERY strict compared to most Americans… I should have been fine, right?  Fine, if I want to be sick forever. I decided I didn’t. I was fooling myself on the healthiness of my diet. It seemed strict to my friends, but it wasn’t strict enough when it came to carbs and sugar. And I didn’t want to spend so much money at the naturopath every month on my health. I would take it into my own hands.

I relentlessly study diets, by the way. It has been my hobby my whole life. I have tried every diet from raw vegan to .. well finally low-carb – the one I was SURE was the worst for you, ended up being the one that worked, brought back my sanity, memory, FINALLY weight loss, etc. I had not been able to stick to this diet though, since becoming a Mom. I had relentless cravings.. once upon a time, I spent every day making low-carb substitutes for those. But as a Mom, there was no time for that. Especially with such fatigue dogging my every day. But I never stopped studying low-carb diets, and I came across one diet that  intrigued me. I read about a family who ate NOTHING but beef, and their children were created and raised on that diet and they had followed it for 17 years. They cured debilitating Lyme disease, and other health problems with it. I was intrigued, but thought- no, that’s crazy. I looked at their pictures and was AMAZED by the health markers of the children- whose diet only consisted of beef and whose mother overcame Lyme disease (and apparently aging- you should see her photo) and ate only beef while pregnant. These children had all the markers of true health, as defined by Weston A. Price (<- read that!), who traveled all over the world studying indigenous diets to define what made people healthy. I found it fascinating, and began researching it, out of pure curiosity. I found someone else doing it, and her children looked the same. I researched more, changed my diet to Zero Carb, a no-plant diet, and cured my insomnia, my arthritis, lost 55 pounds (from a 16 to a 6), found incredible energy, reduced all the swelling in my body. It has been awesome for me. I’m not writing this to convince you to do it. I know it’s extreme, but it works for me since it eliminates cravings. I am only mentioning it, because again, I cured myself. My naturopath bill went waaaaaay down. No more problems with parasites, with viruses, with arthritis, etc. I’m pretty much in and out with no problems when I go now. I have reduced my supplements drastically.

Once starting the Zero Carb diet, I realized I had gallbladder stones. So, once again, through research I found a way to cure it myself (my article on this is here).

One thing that stuck with me though was, why am I still taking my Armour prescription? I was able to go down on it after I started the diet, from 75 to 60mg. But I am still taking it. Many other followers of the ZC diet said it could take a few years to cure everything (which was the case for the family I mentioned I heard about first). But again, I began researching and came across iodine supplementation, which has really just blown my mind. I URGE you to read this book The Iodine Crisis. It’s easy to read and life changing. I really believe that many, many of my problems come directly from being deficient in iodine my whole life. Since taking 8 drops of 5% Lugol’s (I followed book directions, so don’t go straight into it, you’ll need more info!), I have had so much more energy and felt amazing. There is also a great Facebook page, which has some great info you can download.

So that’s my journey so far. I took my health into my own hands, and continue to do so. I research everything I find interesting. I check studies to see if they were supported by lobbyists or pharmaceutical companies that would benefit from the findings. I look at real live people who benefit and look healthy, with actual muscles on their body… if you don’t have muscles on your body, your body is eating your muscle to stay alive. I don’t work out (yet) and haven’t for years, but I have muscle. Thin without muscle is not healthy.

Heal yourself! Take the plunge of something that may seem hard but will change your life! Even if it’s one little thing at a time. I basically did that- I gave up one thing at a time until it was easier to take BIG plunges of a new diet etc. Give up sugar! Look up what healthy oils really are- what causes oil to become rancid (unstable polyunsaturated fats), what do ingredients really mean (“skim milk” ingredient means chemically sprayed dried milk, which is terrible for you)? Become curious and take your life into your own hands. Thanks for listening.