Whole Foods is not a Monsanto Partner. THE RUMOR IS FALSE!

Note: all links are articles with more information, not click advertising. I would never do that to you 😉 I recommend reading them.


I keep hearing people referring to Whole Foods and how they are partnering with Monsanto. It’s driving me crazy! Look, I’m all about conspiracy theories, but this one is ALL about clickbait ratings. My husband works for Whole Foods. They are a good company, that do good things. There are some things I wish they would do better, but for the whole I think they are one of the better corporations we have. They pay farmers all over the world to grow organic food. That means they protect land all over the world. They have prohibited the most dangerous of pesticides even in their “conventional” foods and flowers. They are green, eco-friendly and responsible. Their 365 products are labeled with a 3rd party Non-GMO Project labels. They have a huge list of banned ingredients for all food sold in their stores.

When I first saw the article (I am not linking, tired of that guy making ca$h on clicks on his lies), I tried to find the sources and it just kept clicking to more of his articles. I couldn’t find ANY proof, and decided it was ridiculous. Especially since I happen to know all about the clear and transparent GMO labeling Whole Foods is making mandatory in their stores for 2018. When a friend brought it up recently, I decided to do some more digging. I thought maybe it could be true that Whole Foods was purposely obscuring the labeling so that they would be the only ones selling clearly labeled products (um no, it’s not). I finally found the video. The video is ridiculous, full of false claims with no proof. And, clearly self-serving and a bit, well, off the rails. First thing I found was Snopes, and they do a good job of totally disproving this. Seriously, stop reading for a second and just go read Snopes.. it’s a good article, and it would be silly for me to reprint what is written there: http://www.snopes.com/monsanto-buys-whole-foods/

Then, I found Whole Food’s statement, which has a credible link to a Washington Post article. I recommend you read the whole thing, I but I really like this:

“We’re responding to our customers, who have consistently asked us for GMO labeling and we are doing so by focusing on where we have control: in our own stores,” said Robb. 

You see, we are more powerful that we realize. We vote with our wallets. What we buy, and what we demand or refuse to buy has a big impact.  So, don’t give up, friends. We fight the good fight for real foods! 🙂