Simpler Treats BPA-free Silicone Popsicle Molds Product Review & Real Food Frozen Chocolate Pops Recipe

IMG_2677I love to make these chocolate pops for my son.  They are full of real food, and protein; and he loves them. I don’t add any sweetener but the fruit. Everything gets sweeter as it is frozen. You can change the fruit around if you want. I made them once with frozen cherries and they were PINK! I use a Vitamix.

If your kids eat bananas, you can freeze any uneaten part and use them for these.  I keep a ziplock in the freezer and every time he eats half a banana, I put the rest in the freezer for pops later. I use a banana and peanut butter if he wants a chocolate peanut butter pop and no other fruit. But usually, I use frozen mango or peaches- remember peaches are a “dirty dozen”- heavily sprayed by pesticides, so be sure to buy them organic.

I usually add maca root powder to these because it is shown to help with adrenal function, helps kids stay focused and help their attention span, and contains significant amounts of absorbable calcium and magnesium, and some silica. I don’t add much, but it also rounds out the flavor of the chocolate in a really nice way. I keep the balance – cocoa powder: mac 3:1. I usually only eyeball this recipe except for that ratio of cocoa to maca.

I bought some of these Simpler Treats BPA-free Silicone Popsicle Molds with Reusable Sticks to try out since I hate hate plastic. I LOVE them! They are so easy to use. I pull the stick to the side to fill them (see pic), then push it back in the middle. They come out easily, if you run a little water over the silicone before peeling it out. My child really loves them! They are easy to clean. I put the sticks back in, after each one is eaten, to keep up with them. I am thinking of buying more, since this recipe really makes more than 6. But you can eat some immediately, like soft serve ice cream if you don’t blend too long.

**If you are doing this with child, be sure to unplug your machine when not actively blending. Sometimes all those knobs are hard to resist. 🙂

Frozen Real Food Chocolate Pops

  • Servings: 8-10 pops
  • Difficulty: easy
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one 10 oz frozen bag organic peaches or mangoes (frozen cherries are delicious as well, for a pinkish pop)
3 Tablespoons fair trade cocoa powder (natural/non-alkalized)
1 Tablespoon maca root powder
2 farm eggs or eggs you trust
3/4 cup whole milk ricotta, full fat yogurt, or raw cream (or coconut milk if you cannot have dairy)
2 teaspoons Great Lakes Gelatin powder- red can
Raw milk or a liquid if it needs it (yogurt liquid works too)
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
silicone pop containers


Put fruit on bottom and add all ingredients, I put frozen fruit on bottom.  Blend on high in a Vitamix blender (or similar), using the bending tool (we call this the Vitamix LIMG_2727ightsaber around here!) until it resembles a smoothie.  You may need to add more liquid. Pour into pop containers and freeze in freezer until solid, a few hours. You can put some like ice cream in a bowl for immediate gratification.

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