Natural Poison Ivy Remedies


Don’t ask me how I know.  I will save you from a picture of my legs, covered in poison ivy rash for more than a week.  I’m out of long skirts to wear in this 85˚F heat. It’s also all over my arm and other spots all over.. neck, chest.. sigh. In my desperation, I found a few really useful remedies.

  1. Hyland’s Poison Ivy/Oak pills. Trust Hyland’s to have something AWESOME.  You can take this before weeding or hiking, to prevent the rash in the first place.  As always, perfectly safe and homeopathic. (Directions are for adults and kids 6-12).
  2. Jewelweed Soap. Not so easy to find, apparently.  Order some now, for emergencies. Grandma’s Poison Ivy Soap with jewelweed is an awesome one I found. I wash with it, then apply it later to dry on the rash.
  3. 5% Lugol’s Iodine (J.Crow is a great brand on Amazon)- apply directly on rash. THIS is amazing.  Don’t take a poisonous chlorine bath! Iodine, chlorine, and fluoride are all in the same family BUT Iodine is an essential nutrient for your body, not a poisonous substance. Chlorine can destroy your adrenal function, don’t do it! Iodine works! And won’t hurt you. In fact, it’s beneficial.
  4. Lemon Balm Tea- Lemon Balm is an herb, in the mint family. This is the only way I slept at all, during the first few nights. I got up and made myself this tea and it made me sleepy, and stopped me from itching.  I heard it also stops spreading of the rash. This is a very relaxing tea! I drank it every 2-4 hours to stop myself from itching.
  5. Calamine Lotion- RUN and get this.  Sometimes it’s the only way to stop the itch, especially if you didn’t find the above list until about day 3. Like me 🙁 I just re-apply, re-apply, re-apply. And wear a skirt. I found covering up with leggings and long sleeve tee’s was making it worse because it was so hot.
  6. I also took allergy medicine.  I took Hyland’s allergy homeopathic pills. I believe that helped. I had some hives that weren’t actually the poison rash.

How to kill the poison ivy without using Monsanto’s RoundUp poison: I found this recipe on – if you use it, let me know if it works!