Junk-Free Superman Birthday Party- 3 Year Olds

My child is now 5, so I have a lot of Junk-Free Birthday Party posts to catch up on. When my son was 3, I had this simple little party for him. I made the backdrop of Metropolis out of large poster size cardstock (is that the right word? I am so not a Pinterest expert here) and just used glue and scissors.. not perfect but so beloved, it is still on his wall in his room (see pic below). This was a very simple afternoon party, super easy and small, low-cost.

Why a junk-free party? Because my son was only 3, and I didn’t want all the junk, especially artificial colors and flavors to make the kids cranky and uncontrollable. Taking these franken-foods out of our kids’ diets makes all the difference. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend it! If reading ingredients and trying to navigate all the ways it can sneak in your food is exhausting, then only shop processed foods at stores who promise not to stock anything with artificial ingredients like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. It worked! It was a pretty calm and sweet 3 year old party.

My Pinterest board on Superman Party link.

Here is the food:

  • X-Ray Vision Carrots & Hummus & gluten-free crackers
  • Popcorn served in rolled-up comic cones (copied on cardstock) – how to
  • Superdogs: Hot dogs (g.f. buns) served in homemade comic paper trays- how to
  • “Fortress of Solitude Ice Pops” (Watermelon Pops) – scoop out watermelon and blend in a Vitamix or strong blender until puree; freeze in dixie cups with popsicle sticks in them and plastic wrap on top- these were a huge hit – summer party!
  • 365 Brand Pink Lemonade (no dye)
  • Superman Cake! Made from Coconut Flour Chocolate CakeGift bags: simple Superman bags with crayons, coloring page of Superman, stickers and a Superman stamp.

    The food table: hot dogs not actually in the paper trays yet