Hi, I’m Rachel and I have been writing a Low Carb Recipe Blog for years at UntilTheThinLadySings.com. This is a new blog I have been thinking about creating for a while… sort of a mishmash of reviews of all things natural that have to do with health and children, recipes, and anything else I can think of that involves the way I approach my life as a natural mommy. I hope to find some like minded readers.

Who am I? I am an opera singer, a Mom (I have a 5 year old boy) and wife, a voice teacher, a voracious reader, a recipe collector and creator. I love to research diets, and have done so ever since I found that natural medicine cured me with a lot less pain, expense, and time than the regular healthcare route (which has never cured me of anything). I love to research diets and our human history involving diets. We are strict over here- no gluten, no poly-unsaturated vegetable oils, no corn syrup, no artificial ANYTHING, and very little sugar for my kid. I eat no sugar at all. I have Insulin Resistance and so does my husband.  My child enjoys a life full of things that are healthier, that he finds sweet, so no worries about how my child is “missing out on life”. The only thing I think he is missing out on is diabetes, and mood swings caused by unhealthy foods. And, I still think there is room for improvement in his diet. I am a person who is constantly trying to do better, be a better mommy, make us healthier, etc.  I know it’s a high bar I set for myself.  I don’t set it for anyone else.  There will be no blaming or SanctiMommy words here.. everyone else is free to follow their own hearts.  I’m following mine, and hope to find others who agree.